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Don't Let The Sun Be A Pane In Your Glass

Retractable Solar Screens


Retractable Solar Screens provide shade when you want it

while allowing you to continue to enjoy the view



We Have Retractable Solar Screens For Every Patio!


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If you have a fixed patio cover

It may do a great job of shading your patio during the day

But how good does it shade you and your guests at "BBQ time"?


A Retractable Solar Screen from Sierra Shading Solutions will give you the shade you need, with just the push of a button, whenever you want...


Retractable Solar Screens on Windows


Sierra Shading can provide you with an amazing Retractable Solar Screen to protect your interiors, block 95% of the heat that's coming in your window, and block a significant amount of UV rays and glare. In the video to the right, it shows you the view from inside the home and what you see from outside.  You can't find a better product that will help block the heat and keep your view.


Retractable Solar Screens for the Patio


We not only provide retractable shade for your window, we also provide it for your patio. These retractable solar screens help improve the functionality of your patio with just the click of a button on your wireless remote. The screen will block out 95% of the sun beaming in on your patio, and keep the heat out, all while you still enjoy the view behind it. In the video to the right, you'll notice how the shade line moves down the pillars and then begins to shade the furniture and guests as well.

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